Breakfast Food Socks

Breakfast Food Socks
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You wake up to the sound of sizzling bacon and an egg frying. Pancake and waffle smells waft into your room. The bubbling of the coffee maker is the cherry on top of this breakfast sundae, so to speak. You suddenly realize you're dreaming and wake up to a still kitchen and an empty refrigerator--that's right! You don't have a maid or butler that waits on you hand and foot. Don't worry, though. These Breakfast Food Socks are a pretty pink and have all the aforementioned breakfast items on them and fit shoe sizes 4-10 and sock sizes 9-11. They won't be able to satisfy your hunger, because they're socks, but the next time that you visit a diner or breakfast house, all the folks in the joint will know what a breakfie connoisseur you are.