Batman Gold Foil Caped Knee High Socks

Batman Gold Foil Caped Knee High Socks
Brand: Batman
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"Alfred, get me my bat socks," says Batman. "Shall I also start up the Batmobile, sir?" replies Alfred. "Not tonight, Alfred. I'll be staying in, lounging around in my Batman Gold Foil Caped Knee High Socks, and cuddling up with a good book," said Batman never, though he would have had he owned a pair of these socks. Don't make his mistake, and don't wait for any sort of signal in the sky prompting you to add these to your cart. Fits women sock sizes 9-11 and shoe sizes 5-10. The mini capes on each sock will give you the confidence needed to seek out crime and try to extinguish it. Don't do that, though, unless you have a sidekick who spews out cheesy one-liners that's going to assist you in combat.