Colorful Circus Clown Child Costume

Colorful Circus Clown Child Costume
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You say that your child is such a character, well, now your little clown can start dressing the part in the Colorful Circus Clown Child Costume. Where to begin with this Halloween costume... The shirt portion is full of polka-dots. There are two green pom-poms where buttons would be. The collar and sleeves are ruffled. The pants are oversized, or the normal size if you're a clown, and have two pockets where, if anything like a clown car, you can fit all your clowny essentials: seltzer bottle, rubber chicken, kazoo, rubber pencil, disappearing ink, clown horn, giant comb, giant scissors--anything giant, really--foam brick, noise-maker, birthday cake, and of course the day's newspaper--to keep current on world events. Costume also comes with orange wig with attached mini hat.