Pennywise the Clown Wig

Pennywise the Clown Wig
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You’ll need a balloon in one hand and this Pennywise the Clown Wig to complete your transformation into the terrifying clown this Halloween. Modeled after the 1990’s incarnation of Stephen King’s It, the Pennywise costume accessory features a white cap with attached red hair. The wig cap covers the top of the head and forehead of the wearer. The front of the cap is painted with black eyebrows and blue pyramids near the eyes matching Pennywise’s makeup. The inside of the cap is lined with foam padding and features an elastic band with velcro patch for supporting the back of the head. The Pennywise the Clown Wig is a fantastic accessory for enhancing your Pennywise, killer clown, or evil jester costume.